SHOPPING: Wedding Gifts

We enjoyed a great weekend visit to Jersey and PA to visit our families for Thanksgiving. This was our first Thanksgiving married and together in the same place! Each year prior to this one while we were dating and then engaged, we would drive up from DC together and then go our separate ways (our families live just an hour apart on either side of the Walt Whitman Bridge).

As this weekend of visiting family came to a close, we took a detour on Saturday before coming back to DC. We visited West Chester, PA to exchange a wedding gift at Simon Pearce - an artist known for his handmade glass and pottery.

This is the glass bowl we had received (the smaller of the two). While it was nice, we had received so many bowls, that we decided to exchange it for something we'd get a bit more use out of.

We exchanged the bowl for four hammered metal chargers and a spoon rest. So we can only have two people over for dinner : ) which is just perfect for now anyway in our teeny tiny place!

If you live in or will be visiting the PA area, I recommend stopping by. It was a little out of the way (not near the main street area of West Chester), but neat to visit. They have glass blowing on the first floor as you walk in and then the shop on the second level is filled with all the glass, pottery, wood, and metal pieces you could possibly imagine. It's pretty pricey, but they also had a section of marked down items that are just a tad off (not 'perfect' for full price). They also had a nice restaurant where we had lunch. The quiche was great! It made for a nice day visit before hitting the road and sitting in all the post-Thanksgiving traffic.

SHOP: Simon Pearce, www.simonpearce.com

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