FLOWERS: In or Out?

I was shopping with an engaged friend recently and we were chatting excitedly about her wedding plans. We were in Whole Foods walking by the flower section and I mentioned how much I love hydrangeas. She's on a tight wedding budget, so I suggested that she could do just a couple of hydrangeas in a simple vase (she's thinking mason jars) as centerpieces for an elegant, but inexpensive touch - these could also easily be done by a friend to help out her budget. They're fuller flowers, so they'll give you a bit more punch than a smaller flower would. She HATED the thought and said that hydrangeas are 'such a wedding flower' and she hates them because that's what every bride does - are you getting how much she HATES them? : )

I happen to love hydrangeas and included them in all of my wedding day flowers, so I'm partial to them. As far as I knew, they've always been better known as a seashore flower because you always see big bushes of them growing beside beach houses. For me personally, the "go to" or "it" wedding flower always seemed to be roses. What do you think? Are hydrangeas "mainstream" and overly done for bridal bouquets? Are there any flowers that you're getting tired of seeing? Anything you'd like to start seeing more of?

Personally, I really love to see classic flowers - think hydrangeas and tulips - mixed with something unique that gives guests a little surprise - like tweedia (which we used in almost everything on our wedding day), seashells, Irish clovers - anything that has a special meaning or that the bride just loves. It's these little details that give it just a touch of something special.

Check out this combo below of hydrangeas and white ranunculus with Japanese anemones and celosia brain. How sweet is it that the bride's mother put this bouquet together for her?

{Photo Credit: Vallentyne Photography; Published by: Brides}

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jessica lynn said...

that bouquet is beautiful!!