SHOPPING: Fun Finds @ Pier 1 for Beachy Brides

If you're getting married at the beach next spring or summer, be sure to check out the last of the summer sales at Pier 1. Unfortunately you can't buy their products online anymore (a change they made last year to their website), so if there are any items you know that you would like more than a few of, call the stores closest to you to have the items put on hold. Then get there as soon as you can before someone else snatches these sale items up!

If you're searching for totes for your bridesmaids, check out these beachy bags - they're less than $3 each! They don't look like they could hold anything too heavy, but they'd be perfect to toss in a pair of flip flops and their bridesmaid gifts ($2.48)

These glass lanterns with copper iron are a bargain and would look great hanging from stakes to light the way to an evening reception or placed on the bar and tables during a cocktail reception ($1.98 - $2.98).

Like coral? Include these white coral frames on your parent tables at the reception with a thank you note or family picture as a special surprise for your parents, grandparents, and siblings on the day of ($7.48).

If you have a few spots where you could use a small arrangement of flowers, pick up a few of these handblown glass vases. They have tiny bubbles in the glass and would be perfect for a beachy reception. You can ask your florist to add sea glass or small sea shells in the bottom and then have just a small arrangement of hydrangeas or other full flowers that will give this small vase a little oomph. If none of your guests take them home, you can save them at the end of the night and give a bouquet of flowers in the vases to your parents or bridesmaids the next time you see them after your honeymoon ($2.48).

SHOP: Pier 1, www.pier1.com

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