CAKE: How about Key Lime?

I went home to Jersey for my Mom's birthday this past weekend and my Dad surprised my Mom with an orange creamsicle cake - which is what we had as our wedding cake just this past April. So, the topic of our wedding cake came up, which turned to wedding cake flavors, which led to how we're all bored with having the same old vanilla-blah wedding cake time and again. So here's an idea... how about key lime flavor? I tried a key lime cupcake recently at Georgetown Cupcakes here in DC. Located in a small shop in Georgetown, they sell their key lime cupcakes on Thursdays (check out their cupcake schedule on their site) and they're delish! You know a place must be good when the line's out the door and this place doesn't disappoint. I'd love to see this same key lime flavor in a wedding cake! Any takers?

VISIT: Georgetown Cupcakes, 1209 Potomac Avenue, Washington, DC (Georgetown), Tel: (202) 333-8448, www.georgetowncupcake.com

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jessica lynn said...

funny, we both blogged about cakes today! i see what you mean about your pink icing around the base! your cake still looked pretty though! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!