ACCESSORIES: Custom Clutches for your Maids

Yowsa! I saw samples of these custom clutches in a bridal magazine recently and while gorgeous, these custom Lauren Merkin bags cost a pretty penny starting at $165... that's EACH by the way, plus tax and shipping.

But the idea is a nice one for your maids, so check out these Etsy designers.

Red Ruby Rose offers elegant clutches in a vintage style with an antiqued brass frame for about $75.00 each (cost ranges between about $70 - $105 depending on the design).

These custom jewelry rolls by Etsy seller Muchachak are a less expensive custom option at $32.00 each. With a sassy fabric, this could be just right for carrying a tube of lip gloss, keys, and those other small items that a bridesmaid would carry with her on the wedding day, but it could then be reused for travel as a jewelry/makeup pouch.

Jonabags offers custom clutches with a variety of fabric options for just $22.00 each. There are some really funky, bold fabrics to choose from, so this could be great for a less traditional bride who wants to incorporate some patterned fabric.

SHOP: Etsy, www.etsy.com


Heather Weisse Walsh said...

These are fabulous! :) Would make a fabulous holiday gift, too....

Jersey Girl in DC said...

Heather, I was thinking the same for Christmas coming up! :)

An Atlanta Bride said...

I love that soft champagne gold color.