FAVORS: Fun Bags

I had crayons, coloring books, treasure map placemats, and other goodies at the place settings for the little ones at our wedding reception, but I had a hard time deciding what to do for the slightly older ones - not quite teens yet, but too old for crayons and coloring books. Ultimately, we ended up not having anything "special" for this age group (we ran out of time) and I wish I had come up with something for them. I saw these Travel Games on World Market ($4.99) and thought it could be a nice surprise for including this age group in on the fun. These always seem to be a hit in restaurants. You could put them in a clear plastic bag, along with a candy treat or two, and staple it together at the top with a piece of cardstock or cardboard and stick on a cute label with their name. Besides wedding receptions, these could also be nice for the kids table at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

There's a great example of something similar by a bride on The Knot. Click here to visit her planning blog and wedding pic's. She has some great ideas, including this one that you see below. She did these fun bags as wedding favors for all their guests - not just the kids! These would also be a nice surprise for each guest at a dinner party.

I also loved this idea from Modern Bride to use a metal lunchbox. Isn't it cute?

SHOP: World Market, http://www.worldmarket.com/

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Ms. Tee said...

This little lunchbox idea is so cute!

Thanks for your sweet comment - I'm glad that your giveaway is going well!