ACCESSORIES: Purses Galore

I'm on a purse kick and am searching for both an elegant clutch to match my gown along with fun bags to include as gifts for my four fabulous bridesmaids. Have found a ton of fun sites, so thought I'd share.

Etsy: The Peach, Make Life Lovely - Etsy's is a great site for handmade and original products... love this designer's bags.

Etsy: Microwave Girl, Handmade Goods - More handmade bags through Etsy... check out these fun fabrics!

eBay: Handbags - Clutch - For those who don't mind searching through tons of listings, this is a fun spot to find vintage, retro, and cheap bags!

David's Bridal: Handbags - Very matchey matchey and they don't include pricing online. If you're looking for a quick buy though and need to purchase matching purses, this is a great option.

Boscov's: La Regale Evening Bags - Some decent sales now and then, worth checking out online, but probably better in-store and still more than $20 a piece even on sale.

JCrew: Women's Bags - These are pricey as hell at nearly $100 each, but fun to look at.

Target: Bridal & Women's Bags - So far this is my favorite site for finding great sales and easy ordering online (on my last order, I received free shipping). Be sure to check out their Weddings & Parties section. They even sell veils for less than $20!

Overstock.com - Sometimes there's not too much in evening bags on this site, but it's worth checking for good deals.

UrbanOutfitters.com - Some unique, funkier styles between $15 and $35.

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